So much for the fun time. Back in the truck, heading north on Route 49 still in Louisiana. Another trucker pulls along side. Opens his side window and says something. Whatever he said infuriated dad and the next 60 seconds was like something out of Fast and Furious. Two 18 wheelers side by side on a collision course.

Mom and sis were screaming, but all dad was interested in was how to ‘teach him a lesson’. The trucks hit at least 80 on this small highway, until a curve in the road came up and dad gave in. But not until we turned the curve, did he speed up and catch up to the guy again.

Dad swung in front of the truck causing him to stop. The guy jumped out with a Yankee baseball bat. No match for someone standing opposite him with a 12-gauge shotgun. I wondered if this my dad’s first test for the army? I don’t think that was what my mother or sister where thinking though.

“Dad told the guy drop the bat and turn the truck around. Go the other way. Don’t let me see your face again wise ass”.

The guy did what he was told. No more trouble from that trucker. Dad took the bat as a souvenir. The whole incident lasted about 60 seconds, but we all stood in awe ‘What the hell just happened?”. We continued onward on route 49. Nothing more was said.