I didn’t need my 3rd grade teacher to teach me the US map. My father is doing a perfect good job of it. We are now heading south in north-eastern Texas. Why didn’t we keep going north to towards Oklahoma? Like a rocket heading upwards and suddenly turning back to earth. We just sat back and let him do his driving thing.

Are we going to Dallas? What’s in Dallas that would cause us to divert there? Not the first time.

Well, Dallas it is and we stopped at the Dallas Museum of Art. “Wait Here”. Not the first time we heard this one. By the angle we were parked, we couldn’t tell if he went into the museum or he was heading for the corner and then disappeared. 20 minutes later he came back from the other side of the street and we drove off, not before he stopped at a place called Thanksgiving Square. Same scenario. He comes, goes, we wait. He comes back, says nothing and drives. I wish I had a dollar for every time he does this.