The George Nader Way

It’s getting boring and we’re only in Arkansas. Dad has been driving nonstop for 8 hours. Food’s running out. We need bathroom breaks. It’s like he has a deadline to get somewhere.

Finally, mom let it out. She blasted him for all that’s been happening since we left. “What kind of planning is this? And then you get in a fight! With a shotgun!. You think because you took us to a nice hotel, we’d all be happy campers for the rest of our lives? Stop the truck. Let us out. We’ll take the train from here. I had enough!”.

Dad stopped the truck. He said ‘You want out. Get out!”. We turned and looked around, then looked at each other. Nothing visible for miles. We’d be better off in the Nevada Desert. He started up the truck again and we moved on. There was silence in the truck for three hours.

Is the Nader family starting to fall apart?