The Truck Route

We started by heading out at 4:00 AM trekking through Georgia and our first stop was Atlanta. My father said he had to make a stop on Peachtree Street. Didn’t say why. He went into this tall building and came back out, jumped into the truck and started driving again. He said nothing.

Our next stop was Greenville Mississippi. Dad said we can park here overnight. There was a dinner across the street where we could eat and wash up. Sleeping was another matter. Sounded like he knew the place. Dad said we could sleep on the couch and beds in the back of the truck. He said he set it up ‘like an RV’. Didn’t look like no RV to me. I was starting to wonder, was this all worth it? What is our house going to look like when we get there? I hope dad doesn’t say sleep in the truck!

Mom said why don’t we go to the supermarket and pack some food? My sister agreed. No argument there. They packed about $100.00 worth of food with ice packs and soda. Again, I started thinking wouldn’t it of been better if we just had those movers come? And I don’t understand why dad keeps stopping at these unknown places. I was tempted to ask him, but afraid of his response. Maybe one day I will, just like I stood up to Frank.